A visa may not be required for those travelling from within West Africa. Other delegates are advised to visit https://portal.immigration.gov.ng/pages/visaguidelines for visa information and associated fees. Travellers are advised to check the necessary requirements to obtain a visa in advance, as the entire process may take some days. Please contact the nearest Nigerian Embassy or Consulate for more information.


For Flight options, we suggest travellers take a flight that connects directly to Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja, Nigeria. In case there is no direct flight to Abuja from your location, then take a flight to Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos and then a connecting flight to Abuja. Local flights are limited so it is advisable you book your flight ticket early.



You can book a room at any of the following hotels, which are close by to the Venue. (Please note that the there is no partnership between organizers and any of the hotels listed below. We are not responsible for participants’ relationship with the Hotel.)


The Nordic Villa, Abuja

The Nordic Hotel, Abuja

Transcorp Hilton, Abuja

Sheraton Hotels, Abuja

Sandralia Hotels, Abuja

3J’s Hotels, Abuja

Chida Hotel International, Abuja

Grandcubana Hotels, Abuja

You can also check out Airbnb for cheaper options.

For a comprehensive list of hotels in Abuja. Nigeria. Please visit www.jovago.com or www.hotels.ng. However, we suggest that you lodge in a Hotel in close proximity to the event venue.


Local Travel

Abuja has an excellent local transportation system weaved around affordable taxis that can get you to wherever you are going in the city. Uber and Taxify are your dependable options.

There will be multiple taxi services waiting to pick passengers at the airport on arrival. However, if you wish to book ahead of your trip, you may contact any of the following services (Please note that organizers have no partnership with any of the outfit listed below. We will not be responsible for participants relationship with any of the outfit):


VIKO Taxi services: +234 803 408 8544

IP Data Logistics: +234 813 311 8280

Tawona Workspaces: +234-806-688-6080 (SUV’s only)




Nigeria spends Naira and you can easily change your foreign currency to naira right at the airport. Many hotels also provide currency exchange services. For current exchange rates, please refer here.


Abuja is Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory and is located in the geographical centre of Nigeria. lt has a land area of 8,000 square kilometers. It falls within latitudes 70 20′ North of the Equator and longitudes 60 45′ and 70 39′. Abuja‘s natural endowments such as; its rolling hills, isolated highlands and other endearing features make it a delight. The savannah grassland of the North and the Middle Belt, the richness of the tropical rain forests of the south and an equable climate all combined to make the FCT a soil-rich agricultural haven.

As in the tropics, the FCT experience two weather conditions annually. These are the rainy season (the equivalent of winter in the temperate region) and the dry season (the equivalent of summer in the temperate climate). The rainy season begins from April and ends in October Within this period, there is a brief interlude of harmattan occasioned by the North East Trade Wind, with the main feature of dust haze, intensified coldness and dryness. Fortunately the high altitudes and undulating terrain of the FCT act as moderating influence on the weather of the territory The temperature ranges from 25° C to 30°C. Swimming is always a good idea.


Rainfall in the FCT reflects the territory‘s location on the windward side of the Jos Plateau and the zone of rising air masses. The annual total rainfall is in the range of 1100mm to 1600mm.


The area now designated the Federal Capital Territory falls within the Savannah Zone vegetation of the West African sub-region. Patches of rainforest, however; occur in the Gwagvva plains, especially in the gullied train to the south and the rugged southeastern parts of the territory. These areas of the FCT form one of the surviving occurrences of the mature forest vegetation in Nigeria. Abuja Galleria ©2016



Cinema, Boutique. Mall all in one location




Plot 130, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

An exotic night club. Cubana attracts fun seekers with good clubbing activities from good music, assorted drinks, business men, women, expatriates, etc. It’s a nice place in Wuse II.



295, Augustus Aikhomu Way, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria.

As expected from its name, Eden garden is indeed ‘eden’ as men and women in their numbers troop-in for recreation and fun. Bar and Grills, assorted drinks and what have you are enormous here. Eden Garden is around Jabi-Utako and very close ot the venue of the event.




-Maitama Abuja.

This is one of the places of interest in Abuja, it is a beautiful green area in the Maitama District of Abuja Nigeria.




Shopping mall.


BringBackOurGirls Group


BBOG family meets daily at the Unity Fountain from 5 – 6pm.